General Dentistry in St. Louis

Comprehensive Oral Exams

Routine oral exams are a well-known, must-have piece of dental care. In most cases, dental exams are scheduled twice per year, every six months. This allows your dentist to assess your teeth, gums, and oral cavity and to diagnose potential issues, such as gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, or problems with existing dental restorations. Catching problems early helps prevent more severe problems from developing in the future, saving you time and money.

Hygiene Services

Your routine dental exam includes a professional teeth cleaning using special tools to deep clean your teeth and remove tartar. This helps prevent oral disease, catches problems early, and keeps your mouth healthy. At home, you can maintain your oral health between visits by brushing your teeth twice per day (morning and night) and flossing regularly. 

However, routine cleanings with a hygienist are necessary to remove the buildup of calculus, which can trap plaque and bacteria along the gum line. At Gennaoui Rigden Family Dental, we offer routine exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, and periodontal therapy to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Pediatric Dental Care

Oral health begins at an early age. Once a child’s first tooth erupts, dental care begins. We stress the importance of preventative dental care with all patients and encourage children to take responsibility for their oral health. Education is a priority. We teach patients how to properly brush and floss and discuss proper food and beverage choices. 

Our dental team works with you to keep your child’s teeth healthy. We understand that children require a gentle touch. Our compassionate team is experienced in treating kids of all ages.

Dental Fillings

​“Tooth Colored” Composite Restorations

Dental fillings have been used for hundreds of years to restore decayed or damaged teeth. The dentist prepares the tooth and removes the decay. A filling material is placed to stop the spread of bacteria and strengthen the tooth. 

Thanks to advancements in dental technologies, the filling materials have substantially improved. Traditionally, fillings have been silver amalgam. Today, other options exist. Tooth-colored fillings made of a composite resin are durable and produce a natural-looking result.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that restores and strengthens a tooth. It is used for restorative and cosmetic dental services. For restorative dentistry, a crown fits over a tooth that has been damaged due to decay, breakage, or a root canal. It may also be paired with a dental implant for tooth replacement. Cosmetically, a dental crown improves the appearance of a discolored, misshapen, or chipped tooth. 

Crowns can be created using a gold alloy, porcelain, zirconia, or a combination of materials. Our dentists provide information on the crown options and the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. Also called a fixed partial denture, a bridge restores your smile’s health, functionality, and appearance. A bridge is anchored by dental crowns on either side of the missing tooth with a prosthetic in the middle replacing the tooth. The bridge literally “bridges” or spans the gap from the missing tooth. 

Root Canal Therapy

A “root canal” is a restorative treatment that is performed to remove decay, bacteria, and infection from the center of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are located. When the pulp chamber is infected or damaged due to decay or trauma, a root canal treatment is necessary to preserve the natural tooth. 

Root canal therapy involves entering the pulp chamber to remove the dead or diseased tissues, disinfecting the canals, and sealing the tooth. This prevents bacteria from causing harm in the future. A crown is usually placed on top of the tooth after the treatment to further restore and preserve the tooth structure.

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